Discount nike shoes, but it was very cheap

A few days ago, I saw Snkrs released a pair of huge ugly Discount nike shoes, but it was very cheap. I went in to see what the details can look like:

Is it my aesthetic problem? It must be that the price is so expensive, of course not the ugly of Discount nike shoes, it is my poor! In contrast, the airforce sold on the same day is very childlike, collection, on the 22nd, 9 am ready to buy from china online cheap nike shoes

result. . . At 9 o'clock on the 22nd, hesitated a bit, struggling for a moment, the Air Force No. 1 of the 799 had more grin, and never thought that nike was also a belief. . . Then it was out of stock, and it was awesome to save 799! No, save 849, the middle of the 849!

10 points unwilling to point in again, found that the size is complete, I go, what is the situation, the app background is also low. . . Since this is so good, just put a single double. .

I have the following simple boxes:

Just do it! See my mantra when I am going to do bad things!

Return process, super, and the QR code on the back, you can directly book SF, Nike! No, nice!

Air force's Chinese feelings!

Open the shoe box, some maintenance, instructions for use, very detailed, actually Discount nike shoes can not be washed with a washing machine. . .

Grinning smiley face! China is very interesting!

It looks bigger than the imagination, big and white, feels comfortable, smooth, delicate, and flexible, although it doesn't want to break the context.

But still have to say, the tongue font is very arrogant, no wonder it will look at it at a glance.

The sole is thicker, and when I see the convex word of the air, there is a feeling of flying on the sky, and the feeling of a soft bullet seems to be coming out.
After all, 799, after all, I am still a poor man, brain to keep up with the rhythm! !

This angle does not look like a pair of shoes, I always think that airforce classification should be a shoe. . . Hey, the cable head is so obvious that you can't check it out in the Chinese factory. . .

Really look, a little solemn. . In the middle of the rules, in addition to the font anger, naughty with innocence. .

The air standard of the heel, Chinese classic!

Thick roll bar, beautiful! I have the urge to try on, China is coming!

42.5, the average shoe size 42.5 impression is 260mm, here is 270, the big one and a half yards. .

It is still very easy to wear, the white Discount nike shoes wild, the classic Air Force No. 1 will not destroy the overall wear, it is very suitable for me who is too lazy to match clothes. .

The feeling of the foot is actually a bit disappointing. It may be a size of one yard and a half. The package is not very good. It is not so comfortable to walk. It feels like dragging a slipper to walk, not so much.
But the circumference of the foot can feel the softness of the wrapped, the upper is still made of good materials, but the soles of the shoes are completely damaged, completely destroying my imagination of the air cushion.
Pegasus 35 did not feel where the air cushion was, but it was soft in the insole, and it fits the sole of the foot. It is still the proto react that has been bought before. The air cushion is also obvious. Is it necessary to carry out this air before wearing? What operation? I just want to send an article to ask, where the Discount nike shoes can be inflated. . .